Addiction Recovery Program (ARP)

The Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) is a gospel inspired program to help members overcome addictions.

Addiction Recovery groups can be requested by Stake Presidents through their assigned LDS Family Services Adviser. (Bishops are not authorized to requests groups.The sign-off is through the Stake Pres) The groups aid members who are struggling with all kinds of addiction. The materials and manuals are available to all, to read and find help from.

The ARP manual is available to download from the church website as well as a great deal of excellent material relating to addiction and helping those with addictions;

Here is the ARP manual to download and use


There is additional information and resources on the resources page under help

We have had questions about where to find the videos and training for the ARP group leaders and facilitators that you train to run the groups in your area. And we do have options of several languages. This is the place:

· In the top ribbon, click on the language you wish to use
· At the bottom, click on Volunteers
· On the right, click on the option of Training for group leaders, facilitators, and program coordinators OR
· Choose Volunteer Training to watch the training Videos

No need to Log In. The information is available to anyone. If you have any group leaders or facilitators who have not gone through this information, it would be most helpful to have them take the time to do it. Also, the site adds new videos, so it is good to check back in and look at things from time to time.