Finding a Therapist

Please note we are not able to authorise or recommend any therapist’s listing on this site.

You can check the therapist’s qualifications by visiting their professional bodies website on the links page. Many therapists will be working towards full qualification and able to practice under supervision with a senior therapist.

All therapists should be able listen to and make connections for their clients. They should also be challenging and help the client come to difficult decisions and changes.

Psychotherapy is not a replacement for any gospel principles; it is a tool to help members overcome complex and deep rooted emotional problems and lead them to the Atonement. Nor is it a replacement of Priesthood guidance but an addition and support to the Priesthood.

If you are unable to find a therapist in your area, please consider having therapy over the phone or the Internet as this can be as affective as working face to face. This will also give you a much wider choice of therapist to work with.


A usual period of training for a therapist would be 2 to 4 years training and then accreditation or registration with a recognised body such as the UKCP or the BACP to become fully qualified. It is usual that students take on their first clients under supervision in the second year of training before they are fully qualified.


This is where a therapist receives support and guidance with their clients from a senior therapist while they are working towards full qualification. This is common practice in many other professions and provides a check on an individual’s work. Not all therapists receive supervision many will have progressed with experience to become supervisors themselves.

Indemnity insurance

This is a safeguard against malpractice or other claims on the therapist. It is important that all therapists have this cover. If you have any complaints against your therapist, you need to take it up with their professional body who will have a complaints procedure and code of ethics available to view on their website.