Notes on Listings

Not all entries listed are counsellors or psychotherapists. Some of the entries will be individuals who will be able to provide advice or information on their area of expertise such as Adoption, Social work or Autism. Some of the therapists listed will provide advice or support for a low fee or free of charge but professional therapists will charge a fee for counselling sessions.

An average fee for a 50-minute counselling session will be around £60.00. We recommend that everyone in counselling contribute towards the cost of the therapy, if not in full then in part. Many therapist on this site will be church members others will be non-members who are LDS “friendly”. Each listing will identify the individual’s membership details.

We do not recommend or authorise any therapist on this site. We suggest you use the links page to view the therapists parenting body to check their qualifications and areas of expertise. It is currently possible to work as a counsellor with only a very short period of training.